Blind Faith

In my experience, the “blind” aspect of blind faith is hardest part. When God says “wait” and I want to run. When God says “turn left” when I want to go right. When God says “look over here” when I’m so so sure I’ve already found it. When God says “put it down” when its already in my grasp. Sometimes, not knowing and not seeing and not understanding is so hard to accept. Sometimes, accepting that He knows best and that he does whatever He does, A), because he’s God, and B) because he wants the glory and in he end result, will get it, is near impossible.

Walking along a cliff in the middle of really dense fog is something that only happens to me in the midst of my greatest nightmares. But metaphorically, it happens in my life all the time. I can’t see what God is doing, I just know that He is working. And whatever God is doing, He is doing out of love, out of sovereignty, out of compassion, and He is doing it in all of His glory, His power, and His might.

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