Soundtrack of my Struggling Soul

Take the sun
Take the moon
Take the earth and watch it move
Under Your control
Cause You’re all I know

Here’s my life and all my heart

I give it all but every part
Is under Your control
Lord You’re all I know
The stars in the sky will hang there
’til You tell them to
The faith in my heart will still sing
Of what Your love can do
And even when life weighs heavy on me
I know You’re in control
And You’re all I need
The stars in the sky will hang there
’til You tell them to
Take the sea
Take the tide
Take the waters watch them rise
Giving praise to You
Always praising You
Here’s my voice
And all my soul
Singing freely when
Lord, I’m giving praise to You
Lord I’m praising You
The clouds will rain
The seasons change
(Cause You told them to)
The sun will shine
Your burning light
(Cause You told it to)
When You speak your words through my soul
So I know it’s true
You’re in control
In control
In control
The stars in the sky will hang there
The faith in my heart will sing
The stars in the sky will hang there
~Kari Jobe
Anyone who knows me knows that last week was a bad week for me.
Pretty much awful.
And I didn’t deal with it as I should have.
I have been saved by grace, not by all the “good things” we have done, so that no man may boast. Romans tells us this.
Where was the grace I showed?
I have been bought by the precious blood of the Lamb. Forgiven. Set free. Liberated. Even though I deserve chains, a soul damned in a life apart from Christ, Hell. But love saved me from what my actions warrant.
Where was the forgiveness I showed?
Needless to say, I did not deal with the shock of broken trust last week as I should have. Everyone who knew me knew that I was most defiantly not okay. In fact, they skipped the usual “How are you?” and went straight to “what happened?”.
I knew that Jesus was the only one who could get me through, carry me through more accurately.
So I was searching iTunes for a new ringtone to reflect my mindset. I heard the chorus from Kari Jobe’s Steady my Heart and fell instantly in love with it. (The words in bold are my ringtone)
Wish it could be easy
Why is life so messy
Why is pain a part of us
There are days I feel like
Nothing ever goes right
Sometimes it just hurts so much
But You’re here
You’re real
I know I can trust You
Even when it hurts
Even when it’s hard
Even when it all just falls apart
I will run to You
Cause I know that You are
Lover of my soul
Healer of my scars
You steady my heart
I’m not gonna worry
I know that You got me
Right inside the palm of your hand
Each and every moment
What’s good and what gets broken
Happens just the way that You plan
And I will run to You
You’re my refuge in Your arms
And I will sing to you
Because of everything you are
Kari Jobe’s new CD, Where I Find You has become one of my favorites, and been on shuffle constantly. I would recommend it to anyone, especially to anyone struggling.

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