Veggie Tales

Last weekend will forever be embedded into my brain… Sweet laughter and sweeter memories. Conversations about my Savior with a special someone… Someone who is learning and looking at the magical story of Salvation through the eyes of a child…. A child who grasps the power and wonder of the story, but without all the questions.

Lucas and I were watching Veggie Tales.

And he was asking the sweetest questions.

What would a Veggie Tales cats look like? Would they be broccoli? That could kinda look like fur.
How come that one is wearing pants? He has no legs?

Giggling and singing along to the theme song, to “God is Bigger than the Boogie Man”and “Keep Walking!”. Smiles that go deeper than his eyes, all the way to the deepest parts of his heart. . . parts that belong to the Savior alone.

But beyond that… He was asking deeper questions. Questions that deal with security and Salvation and love. I love my Lord Jesus, and watching Lucas falling in love too touches my heart in ways that I never imagined.

I grew up watching Veggie Tales. I thought that every kid did. But seeing him become familiar with the stories I was raised hearing is beyond convicting. He is reading a Children’s Bible with his parents, for the very first time. These stories are new, and with just one exposure, are permeating the barrier that the enemy tries so desperately to keep intact.

Watching Lucas fall in love makes me want to fall even deeper in love myself.

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