An International Love Affair

It’s hard to believe.

In two weeks, when most of my friends are enjoying a poolside tanning session, I will be worshiping my God.
In Spanish.
In Ecuador.
We fly into Ecuador Saturday, landing around 10 o’clock that night. We will arrive in Ambato around 3 am. And Sunday morning, we will kick off our 10 day mission’s trip by attending the First Baptist Church of Ambato.
I am so excited.
Nervous, but thrilled.
I know God is going to work in amazing ways.
But I can’t help but tremble at the thought of the task that lies ahead of me. Teenagers, kids my age, who come from broken families. Who don’t know Jesus. Who need Jesus.
And did I mention that they don’t speak my language? What if my Spanish 4 isn’t enough to communicate with these youth?
What if I miss out on an opportunity to share the Gospel, because I don’t wanna be embarrassed.
What if . . .
What happens if . . .
And then a cool calm peace blows over my soul.
For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7
The words I speak in Ecuador will be not my own. Whether they are in perfect Spanish or some form of broken spanglish, or something somewhere in the middle, the words will be from my Creator.
I will be teaching. About what it means to be a child of God. I was thinking about this the other day driving home from school, and the thought made my eyes water.
Me, a broken, fallible, created, sinner, is
claimed, by
I am so overwhelmed by an incredible love, by an unrelentless love, by a love that is unexplainable and paternal and everything
And I cannot wait to share that love.
I cannot wait to tell fellow image-bearers who they are in Christ.
That Christ loves them too.
That Christ
I know that I am gearing up, getting ready to go to battle. This will be the most intense form of Spiritual warfare that I have ever experienced. And as intimidating as that may sound, it thrills me. Because I have read the Bible. And I know  how it ends.
I am on the winning side.

Love unfailing

Overtaking my heart
You take me in
Finding peace again
Fear is lost in all you are
And I would give the word
To tell your story
’cause I know that you’ve called me
I know that you’ve called me
I’ve lost myself for God
Within your promise
And I won’t hide it
I won’t hide it
Jesus, I believe in you
And I would go
To the ends of the earth
To the of the earth
For you alone are the son of God 
And all the world will see
That you are God
That you are God

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