Diary Of A Missionary Wannabe

It is truly crazy how life can change so rapidly… how 10 days can come to define, well, everything.

To put it simply, Ecuador was the most amazing experience of my life. I’ve always known that I want to be a missionary. But never before have I realized that God has indeed called me to be a missionary, and, like Jonah, I’ve spent years running from Nineveh. And I’ve been living a life of fish food because of it.

For ten days, I lived in complete dependence on my God. I lived unapologetic and out loud. I searched constantly and consistently for a way to tell other people about my God, about how He loves them, how He died for them, how He offers eternal life


And not because we deserve it.
Because we

But because He loves them. Unconditionally. And His love is one that never fails.

I got to tell kids from broken families and wrecked home lives about The Perfect Father. About a father who loves them, who has claimed them, who wants them.

And I did it all in Spanish. Half the time I didn’t even have a translator.

I had to work to build friendships, and now, that I have been home for a month, I have to work to maintain them. I have to think (and speak) in Spanish. I had to translate. I still have to translate.

But it is work that, when doing, I thrive. I long to message on Facebook, in Spanish, talking about my love for my Savior.

But then all my excitement came to


A missionary is someone who shares their faith with other people. I’ve been close friends with several girls for years. And not once have I shared the Gospel.

Not even once.

Sure, they know I don’t drink or smoke or have sex or cuss. Or date just to be dating. They know I respect my parents, they know I go to church on Sunday mornings and they know I go to youth group Sunday nights. They know I go to Baker Park to evangelize and to talk with strangers.

I share my faith with strangers. I shared my faith with people I met (and came to love) over a course of three days three different times.

And, I haven’t found the time to share my faith with my friends, friends who speak my language and who I hang out with all the time?

Some missionary I am.

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