As the beginning of my Senior year approaches, the words of evangelist Francis Chan ring in my ears,  persistently, unrelenting, a dizzying and terrifying call to action:”See them as they are,

unseen and

Hell bound,

Hell bound

Hell bound”

And I am filled with a telling silence, and a lingering question
just ask the question…

Because I used to be Hell Bound.
You see those name tags that say


Mine says “claimed, property of the Living God”
Their’s says “Hell Bound”.

Mine says “free”
Their’s says “Hell Bound”

Mine says “Beautifully Created, wanted”
Their’s says “Hell Bound”

I used to wear that name tag, years ago. And I should tell them, those
Hell Bound,
about what I now experience, about my new name, about His love.
But I see that, that “Hell Bound” identity, and it scares me.

Because who wants to be told that they are Hell Bound?

I used to wear that name tag, years ago,

but then He saved me from myself, He gave me a new one, He gave me His.  I didn’t earn it. I didn’t deserve it. He just,
gave it to me.

Becuase He wanted to.
Because I asked


But then I put on a a sweatshirt, cover my nametag, hide my identity in Christ, and pretend that I too, still wear that

“Hell Bound” nametag.

Because I want to fit in.

But why???

Why would I want to still be “Hell Bound?” When I have been beautifully and wonderfully claimed.

Why would I want to join them, instead of living out my NEW identity,
one that is His?

Maybe, instead of pretending I am one of them,

I should live in a way that makes them want to be one of Us, part of Hisfamily, His body.

It’t the difference between being
damned and alive,
captive and liberated,
guilty and pardoned,
despised and wanted,
hated and loved.

So, I’m done hiding. I’ve been given life eteranl.
Why am I ashamed?

I need to tell others who I am in Him, and how they can be in Him too,
and those conversations start,

with a simple question.
just ask the question…

So, class of 2013

Freed, loved, and His”
Insert steading breath, and reasuring whisper,
just ask the question…“What’s yours?”

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