Just Wait… You’ll See

The cross was a sign of death. Of murder. Of hopelessness and helplessness and blood. The cross was for killing people, and the Romans were the best at it. So when Jesus’ audience heard him say “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me” (Matthew 16:24) THAT is the cross that they thought of. They lived in a Roman-ruled world. They didn’t think of the sterling silver pendant around our necks. They thought of filth. They thought of something ugly and bloody and dead.

So I wonder what His eyes looked like when He said this. I wonder if they twinkled. Because He knew that this sign of despair would bring hope. He knew that the blood-stained would bring healing. He knew that The Cross, this sign of death, would come to represent Life! And life eternal. I wonder if He whispered “just wait. You’ll get it. One day, you will see too.”

That is the God we serve. He transformed one of the strongest symbols of death, one of the most iconic images of His time from grim to glory.

And that same power transforms us.

It was that message I heard preached by Chris Rich that first night of Impact, that night that my mind continued to be transformed so profoundly. A conversation I had several months back sparked this conversion, but my paradigm wasn’t completely shifted until that night, sitting in a high school auditorium, my first night leading a missions trip.

But the funny thing? Impact was months ago. And now, as I sit in the university cafeteria eating what is left of my stir fry, I can’t help but wonder if Christ has that same look in his eyes even now. If, while He is watching me sip on my still steaming coffee in hopes of staying awake and coherent for my late night leadership meeting, He is whispering the same thing. Months later I am reflecting on the closing thoughts of the opening sermon from Impact. But I think maybe it just hit me in a new way.

I wonder if Christ is looking at the things that are going on in my life, if He sees the decisions that I am having to make, the paths I have started to walk down in blind faith, and if His eyes sparkle.

“Just wait. You’ll get it. One day, you will see too. Trust me.”


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