75 Things I Learned My First Month as Middle School Intern

  1. People’s opinions and feelings are valid, even if they don’t make sense to me.
  2. The Gospel will always, always, always be opposed.
  3. I actually like Peppermint Patties.
  4. Turing the alarm code off at the church is stressful.
  5. “Where anger and bitterness thrive, prayer dies.” ~Pastor Hahn
  6. Not everyone is going to like me.
  7. I have to be okay with that, and not let it bother me.
  8. It is okay, even healthy, to not invest in non-durable, toxic friendships.
  9. The amount of energy (and patience) I have is directly proportionate to the amount of caffeine I have had that day.
  10. Always take notes.
  11. Be organized.
  12. If you aren’t organized, chaos and stress abound.
  13. 50 wet middle schooler’s on a hot school bus stink.
  14. The Devil is not in the details.
  15. Details are important.
  16. I still stink at 4 Square.
  17. Musical Chairs is still competitive.
  18. As much as I want to make myself, I just don’t like watermelon.
  19. Drama doesn’t last past tomorrow.
  20. The destruction that drama causes lasts for a long time, and can ruin relationships.
  21. Chill out.
  22. I can’t take myself so seriously.
  23. Fear can’t be a motivator.
  24. People aren’t projects to be handled.
  25. Red nail polish and chocolate can make even the bad moments good.
  26. Gossip is 100% of the time destructive, and 0% of the time a good idea.
  27. My water infuser water bottle is the best investment I ever made.
  28. It’s okay to ask for help.
  29. I can’t do everything on my own.
  30. Sometimes rest is a good thing.
  31. Jesus loves me, despite my failures.
  32. I’m still not a morning person.
  33. Team work is essential.
  34. It takes much longer to repair a bridge than it does to destroy it.
  35. People don’t always receive things the way I intended them.
  36. Always apologize, even if I don’t think I did anything wrong.
  37. If people are hurting because they misinterpreted something I said or did, I am still accountable for that pain.
  38. There is a difference between resting and being lazy.
  39. My enemy the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking for someone to devour. He comes to steal, kill and destroy.
  40. Unopposed ministry is ineffective ministry.
  41. Farmers markets sell great things for my water infuser.
  42. Nothing is more divisive than a competitive, defensive, selfish spirit.
  43. Other people’s jealousy isn’t always my fault, but I have to be cognizant of it.
  44. I can’t try to purposefully step on someone’s toes.
  45. I can’t let the fear of stepping on someone’s toes keep me from doing what I know is right.
  46. Foster relationships with students for the sole purpose of befriending them, not fixing them.
  47. Being an intern really does mean bringing my boss coffee.
  48. It’s possible to do ministry for God, and not with God.
  49. That leads to burn out.
  50. The Broccoli and Beef from Chop Stix is delicious.
  51. Coffee is necessary for ministry.
  52. Not letting people drag me into their made-up drama is always a good idea.
  53. Sometimes not responding to texts isn’t ignoring.
  54. Do everything I can to live in peace.
  55. Living in peace with unpeaceful people is hard, but necessary.
  56. Take the high road, even when I can rationalize rolling around in the mud.
  57. I have to focus on pleasing The Lord, not pleasing people.
  58. There is a difference between high expectations and unrealistic expectations.
  59. When you grow mint plants, you have to water them a lot.
  60. When I drink a lot of water, I feel better and have fewer headaches.
  61. Keeping a note pad in my purse is important.
  62. “To do” lists help me.
  63. The Honey BBQ wings at Buffalo Wild Wings are too spicy for me.
  64. The Teriyaki wings are okay though.
  65. Parks and Rec isn’t as good as The Office.
  66. Always show grace.
  67. Loving people through it sometimes means receiving their unkindness with love and patience.
  68. I still don’t know how to use a key.
  69. Hurting people hurt people.
  70. It’s not always personal.
  71. The Keurig in the Pit doesn’t work with K cups from Ollies.
  72. Live like life is, not like the way I want it to be.
  73. Communication is important.
  74. In everything I do, do it as unto The Lord.
  75. Applying to be a youth intern at MVCC was one of the best decisions I ever made. ❤

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