75 Things I Learned in Honduras

  1. Pastor Steve washes his face with a loofah. 11692800_572821682859409_5492613668754818922_n
  2. Rice and beans can be breakfast food.
  3. Jehova Jireh // The Lord Provides 10409180_580616882079889_6532651444655779989_n
  4. Travel coffee mugs were invented for a reason.
  5. The coffee mugs in Honduras were way too small.
  6. Next time I go, I need to pack a normal sized mug.
  7. As much as I want to, I just don’t like watermelon.
  8. Before Christ, I was so desperately lost, I didn’t even know it.
  9. I need a Savior.
  10. I could eat mango every day, and I would never get tired of it.
  11. (I know that, because for a week, that was a thing.)
  12. One cup of coffee a day isn’t enough.
  13. Especially if that one cup is the size of the hotel’s coffee mugs.
  14. I love going on trips with my brothers. 11666162_571078196367091_8985729086626749897_n
  15. I need community.
  16. I wilt without it.
  17. God has a plan for my life, even when all of my plans fail.11707592_572809912860586_5788055658257323895_n
  18. Wearing maxi skirts on travel days is always a good life decision.
  19. Wearing skinny jeans on international flights isn’t.
  20. It’s okay if I don’t know what will happen in my life.
  21. I can trust my unknown future to a known God.
  22. If I lived in an all-summer culture and could never wear shorts, I would be okay with that.
  23. I shouldn’t travel without my water color paints.
  24. Jesus loved me when I was lost.
  25. Coffee creamer isn’t always necessary.
  26. The food of other cultures intrigues me. 11205995_572316409576603_1431581108388006085_n
  27. Tacos are still my favorite food.
  28. I’m still impressed by simple things.
  29. I have been jaded by comfort.
  30. The richest people tend to have the least amount of money, and even fewer things. 11698544_571079649700279_3362724761959367197_n
  31. Childhood hunger is a real thing.
  32. Maybe being a teacher wouldn’t be so bad.
  33. I can’t work in a cubicle.
  34. Praying for my will to become God’s will isn’t faith.
  35. I’m more addicted to coffee than I realized.
  36. God answers even my boldest prayer.
  37. His answers aren’t always what we expect them to be.
  38. Ice Cream after international flights is always a good life decision. 11692617_570382103103367_1344331597808320414_n
  39. I should always travel with a sheet. (thanks Lenor)
  40. Finding (and following) wise counsel is important.
  41. Air conditioning isn’t necessarily necessary.
  42. Although I do really enjoy it.
  43. I still prefer flour tortillas over corn.
  44. The best tortillas are the homemade kind.
  45. Fresh juice is still too sweet for me.
  46. There are some things that all the Spanish classes in the world would never teach me.
  47. Awana’s is even bigger abroad than it is in the states. 11698595_571079883033589_7439708501764661401_n
  48. My spanish isn’t as bad as I have convinced myself that it is.
  49. Laughter, playing, and smiles are the best way to break any language barrier.
  50. I don’t have to understand “why” to obey.
  51. Red Tape exists outside the U.S. too.
  52. God is sovereign even in suffering.
  53. He can give purpose to my pain.
  54. He is a father to the fatherless.
  55. There is no better earthly example of salvation than adoption.
  56. Not all orphan care is beneficial.
  57. Family is crucial.
  58. Baby Coffee trees are beautiful (I haven’t seen the grown ones yet…). 11666221_572317719576472_2608205434668036482_n
  59. Armed guards don’t scare me the way they probably should.
  60. Matching shirts and twinning pictures make me happier than necessary.
  61. 5 year olds are better at soccer than I am, even though I shouldn’t be surprised by that.
  62. I have more anxiety about moving to another country than I like to admit.
  63. Musical Chairs isn’t as violent in Honduras as it is at Mountain View.
  64. God reaffirms my calling in ways that I never would have anticipated. 885629_800001246788084_1553835742185302157_o
  65. My favorite animal is the Scarlet Macaw. 11692574_570729186401992_3872179229529741974_n
  66. I could never take enough pictures, even if I tried.
  67. It’s okay if I am not in control of my life. I can trust the One who is
  68. Traveling abroad is easier when you to go to places that use American money.
  69. I don’t have to have everything figured out.
  70. Being woken up in the morning by birds singing sounds a lot better in the movies than it actually is.
  71. Not all missions trips look the same or can fit into a box.
  72. Having three 6 year olds sit on your lap at the same time gets painful after a few minutes.11401414_722063204569045_3633871161614848925_n
  73. Fruit Loops make great Bingo markers.
  74. God redeems even my most broken  plans.
  75. “Love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.” Bob Goff 11705309_574583299349914_4357478730727309954_n

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