The New Testament Challenge: Intro

Remember when that New Yorker named Julie decided to cook through Julia Child’s cookbook in a year, and blog her way through it? Well, I decided to read through the New Testament this summer, and blog my way through that. Here’s why.

The first time I tried coffee, I hated it. It was bitter and it upset my stomach and I couldn’t understand the people who couldn’t make it through the day without such a terrible drink. Now, ironically enough, I am one of those people, but worse. I need a second cup by 2 o clock every afternoon. Without coffee, I can’t focus, can’t stay awake, and get killer headaches. The two a half year old twins I used to nanny knew not to touch my coffee. The didn’t know not to run out in the middle of the road, but they did know not to touch my coffee.

Obviously that change didn’t happen over night. I started small, with Frapachinos and Lattes every time I was out shopping… drinks that consisted of mostly sugar and creamer with just a little bit of coffee added at the end for good measure. That became coffee on early mornings or days I had AP exams. I took an old 4 cup coffee maker with me to college… I had to buy a new 12 cup maker, a French Press, and a tea kettle by sophomore year… poor thing got worn out. Now I usually drink two cups a day, and for the past week, I haven’t even added creamer or sugar. (This is a major personal accomplishment.)

But there was a progression. Continuous exposure led to what can only be described as an addiction. It made me cringe at first, but now I can’t live without it.

I think that is how most people are. At first, coffee is bitter. But the more time you sit with a cup of coffee in your hand, the more you realize you don’t want to sit any other way.

Over the past year, I have gone through some pretty drastic changes in my life. And I’ve noticed that I’ve fallen out of love with scripture. I gave myself permission to skip one day of my quiet time, and that seemed to pave the way for months without it. And my soul grew numb, and I fell into a routine of pretending to be the first Christian in history who didn’t need her Bible.

I don’t want to be that person anymore.

I need time with people. I need communication with people. Without it I wither. I wilt in isolation. I know this about myself, but for some reason I still decided to isolate myself from the King who loves me.

I can’t keep doing that anymore. So I decided to do something about it. By intentionally carving out time to spend with Jesus, and then setting aside even more time to process through what wanted to teach me, I am going to make time for my neglected soul, and let Jesus heal my hurt.

The more time I sit with a cup of coffee in my hand, the more I realize I don’t want to sit any other way. And the more time I spend with Jesus, the more I realize that there is no better way I could spend it.

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