Urgent Prayer Request

On Sunday an historic election took place here in Honduras. Reelection is against the Honduran Constitution. And on Sunday, for the first time in the nation’s history, there was an incumbent on the ballot.

Usually preliminary results come out a few hours after the polls close. This time, it took over 10 hours. They showed the opposition to be in the lead. This was around 3 am.  Three hours later, the results had flip-flopped, and the news was saying that the incumbent was likely to win.

Both parties claimed victory.

Since then, because of the fear of fraud, there has been no news. Both parties are claiming victory that isn’t officially theirs to claim. Results were supposed to be released formally yesterday. Still, the organization in charge of the results- the ultimate authority in this case- has remained silent.

I remember my high school history teacher saying “it is not what is real or true that is important, but rather what people perceive to be real or true that matters.” And right now, justified or not, the public perception is corruption. And there is outrage.

There have been violent protests and riots in the two major cities, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. In those places, schools have been closed for most of the week. The major highways have been closed all over the country by the protestors in some places, and in efforts to stop them by the police in others, since Thursday morning. There are several road blocks within the major cities.

In my town, protests have been peaceful, with just a little property damage. But as a precaution, the school I work at was closed today too. I am safe, but staying put for the time being.

I received an email earlier today from the US Embassy cautioning against unnecessary traveling within the country. In the major cities, the riots are incredibly violent. However, I am safe. And no one expects that to change.

As a foreigner in this country, it is not my place nor my desire to take a stand politically or to voice my presidential preference. It is however my earnest plea that you join me, and the rest of the country, in praying fervently for Honduras.

Pray for peace. Right now, Honduras is a powder keg, and there are sparks everywhere.

Pray for the results to be released to the public. The quicker the results come, the quicker speculation can end. Rumors are running rampant, and that is a very dangerous thing.

When the results do come, pray the nation will accept them. Regardless of what is announced, a large part of the country will be upset and want to see the capital burn.

Pray against corruption. Pray against the appearance of corruption, because that can be just as dangerous.

Tonight I am resting in the truth that the God we serve is the Prince of Peace. None of this is a surprise to Him. We are called in scripture to honor our leaders, and to pray for them. That is what I will continue to do.

I will send a personal update soon, but for now, pray for Honduras. Please.

The country needs it.

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