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When Right Feels Wrong: 70 X 7

“Have you ever realized that turning the other cheek doesn’t mean you walk away; it means you offer them the rest of you to hurt?” ~Krysti Courchesne

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Grapes, Boats, and Waiting.

Last semester was not fun, but then again, pruning never really is. Going through life together, in community, made it easier though. It is never easy to admit to being broken, but admitting it to silent aloneness magnifies the pain. Praise God I didn’t have to. During that season in my life, a friend showed […]

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Black Jelly Beans: Loving the Unlovable

Christ has called you to love even the Unlovable people in your life. Period. Not love if they deserve it. Not love is you want to. Not love if they love you back, and certainly not love, but only if they respond to you when you say “have a great day!’.

Love. Period. No contingents. No qualifiers. No buts. Just love.

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