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Enough Light for One (Matthew 6)

Now I have a job as a missionary teacher. That first year on the field started a week ago. And for the first time in my life, there isn’t a next step to achieving this huge dream of mine. It’s here. I’m living it. And I don’t know what comes next.

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My Story Matters (John 4)

I’ve been on the mission field for about 72 hours now, and it still doesn’t feel real. Work started yesterday, and I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed with all the planning that goes into being a first year teacher. This morning I thought “how did I get myself into this?” And I really think it all starts with Mrs. Wyman.

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The New Testament Challenge: Intro

At first, coffee is bitter. But the more time you sit with a cup of coffee in your hand, the more you realize you don’t want to sit any other way.

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